Insulation Removal

There are several reasons to remove attic insulation. Sometimes you have a roof leak and water damage destroys the insulation. Sometimes the insulation is extremely old and outdated. Also, little critters can make their way into your attic and really make a mess. It is all too common for homeowners to be battling rodents living in their attic space. They make themselves at home without intentions of ever leaving. Once they get in the damage has already been done. Nests, feces, dead carcasses, and urine can take over your attic and the only thing between you and them is a thin layer of drywall. Take care of it now before it gets too out of hand. We clean your attic of all old and damaged insulation, sanitize the entire area, and seal off any entrance that rodents were using to get in so you never have to worry about it again.

Description of Work:

  • Remove all damaged insulation by vacuum or by hand
  • Inspect entire attic for problem areas
  • Dispose of any dead rodent carcasses that can be hidden under the insulation or in plain view
  • Seal off all holes and entries with metal mesh material so no rodents can enter again
  • Give you piece of mind knowing your attic is a clean and safe place in your home and no unwanted guests are living there rent free!
Man in Attic