Battens & Rolls

Fiberglass battens or rolls are the preferred insulation used by homeowners when it comes to insulating an attic from scratch. This is a clean and effective way to gain comfort, efficiency, and also keep accessibility. The benefits of this type of insulation consists of not covering up electrical wires you may need to get to in the future, easily insulating around can lights that are not rated to be covered by insulation, and not covering up ceiling joists so walking around is made easier. Although there are many great benefits to batts and rolls, the price is slightly higher than the alternative that is blown-in insulation. Installation is labor intensive and costs of material are more but you get what you pay for in the full amount. Ask any insulation contractor or past customer and they will tell you that this investment pays you back over time with saved money on energy bills and year round comfort inside your home.

Description of work:

  • Inspect entire attic for any problem areas
  • Clean attic of rodent nests, etc.
  • Seal any entries for rodents with metal mesh
  • Load material into attic through attic entrance
  • Install insulation up to the correct level your home requires, ensuring you have a comfortable, efficient home.